Night Witches on the Coast of the Abyss (Demo)

by Astralhex

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First rendition of our EP 'Night Witches on the Coast of the Abyss', composed and recorded in the Summer of 2015. Without access to a satisfactory drummer, we chose to use a drum machine on this release.


released December 18, 2015

Lord Nasgathula: All Vocals, All Lyrics, Drum Machine Programming, Track 5
Nithral: Guitars, Keyboard, Composition (minus drums) on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.



all rights reserved


Astralhex West Des Moines, Iowa

We are a two man black metal band in the Des Moines, Iowa metro area. We will take listeners away from the light and delve deep into the shadows of our realm. Soon to be released, a raw demo entitled "In the Dimension of Shadows."

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Track Name: Dark Lord Triumphant
Dark night of the shadow realm,
The sky less abyss,
Crawling with eyeless creatures,
Minions of my lord,

All the while black fog emerges,
Slithering from where it hides,
In recesses of thy world,

Our lord triumphant,
Seen in the sight of the ghouls,
Bring forth the darkness,
And that fog... so grim,

Our lord triumphant,
Heard in the howling of the winds,
Amongst the fog,
In the infernal fields,

Gather forth thy legions,
And tear their world apart,
Retribution for the fall,

The dark one emerges,
From beneath the twining depths,
Imminent Silence falls,
Preparing for our lord!!!

Misery cold dark terror in the depths,
Stirs terror, pure terror at the sight,
Of the apparition in the night.

Our lord has grown in strength,
For now the sun has set,
The full moon rises,
And the graveyards glows,
With our master’s hate!!
Track Name: Night Witches on the Coast of the Abyss
A village on the coast of the abyss,
The blowing winds of despair touch its skin,
The night witches cast spells of gloominess over the town,

Ancient ways of evil consume,
This land of trees,
Enshrouded in Gloom,

A black mass in the dusk,
Liturgical blasphemies shred through the fields now razed,
Red eyes looking for the sign in the pale dim sky

A black mass in the dusk,
Spells were cast and hexes chanted,
Gloominess crept into the town,
The fields now razed.
Track Name: A Black Mass in the Dusk
Oh tyrant of the underworld below,
We gather forth in the ancient woods,
To worship you lord of night,
Heretical oaths taken this gusty eve,

Ohhh!!! The ritual must begin,
For winds of darkness have spoken,
The gateway to hell will open,

Ancient ways predate the modern,
With that the demons laughed,
As they shed their scaly skin they danced a circle dance,

Wicked ceremonies were performed on the graves of aged stone,
Altars were constructed and the blood rituals thereof began,
As the dust settled all of light was gone,

Nightfall befell the earth again,
And primal evil was conducted,
Upon the holiest of men,
Blasphemy overtook the righteous,
And sacred blood was spilt

Satan!!! My lord who I hold above all,
By this rite do I conduct,
Thy majesty we give adoration,
And in return we doth command,
Malevolent spirits from thy land.
Track Name: Lost in the Forgotten Woods
Floating on these hills,
In these ghastly ancient woods,
The dark cold spirits live on,
Through the centuries beyond,
Their misty tombs,

As they creep through the mist,
That clings to these hills…

Every leaf on the branches of the trees,
Shook in anguish and in sorrow,
Before falling to my forlorn grave,
As though the weeping tears gave way,

The mountains once knew my name,
Now here I lay unadorned,
Now here I lay forlorn in the forgotten woods,

Deep in the dying parts of the night,
Crimson moonlight illuminates their eyes,
Satan’s sigil shone in the sky,

Silence, cold grim winter,
The soul of a dying forest,
Bare of any leaves that swayed,
On the now dead branches,
That once wept above my tomb,

Now the time has come,
To reach the farthest,
To the very end of time,

Withering in the mist,
The shadow of the spirits,
Beneath that shadow,
A gateway to my realm…